Innovate to regenerate

Innovate to regenerate

Help us Innovate to Regenerate Australia.

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Help us Innovate to Regenerate Australia.

Finding innovative solutions to regenerate and future-proof Australia’s precious natural environment and communities.

The blow to people and nature dealt from the catastrophic 2019-20 bushfires has left a staggering loss that requires action at scale, and recognition that business as usual cannot continue. As an organisation that prioritises innovation we are committed to dreaming big, but also to finding solutions that work for people and nature.


A  future in which people and nature thrive can only be achieved if we work together. We can empower Australians to discover creative solutions and drive regeneration at the local level, realising national benefits. 


What is Innovate to Regenerate?

Developed by WWF's Panda Labs, Innovate to Regenerate aims to ‘future-proof’ Australia by supporting regenerative, community-led solutions that encourage impact investment in priority areas such as food, biodiversity and climate. By forming an alliance of communities, investors, councils, corporates, innovators and think-tanks, we are establishing a powerful network equipped to regenerate Australia. To make sure we centred our work around what Australians needed, we engaged in an extensive nationwide listening campaign, especially to listen to Indigenous voices, and in bushfire-affected and rural communities.


Why regeneration?

Whereas sustainability seeks to reduce harm, regeneration takes things a big step further. Regenerative development actively reverses environmental degradation and creates a positive impact for people and the planet. It addresses the unprecedented challenges our environment faces today by enabling human systems to co-evolve with nature. Now is the time to Innovate to Regenerate.


How will we achieve this?

  1. 2030 Film and Campaign
    Creating a compelling vision and motivating action through an evocative short film and associated nationwide campaign in collaboration with Regen Studios (makers of the 2040 film). This will set a bold new agenda for a greener and more equitable Australia in 2030, and engage communities through distributed events, screenings and design workshops.
  2. Regeneration Ecosystem
    Building, testing and validating a Regeneration Ecosystem to engage, activate and build the capabilities of tens of thousands of Australians. We will develop this ecosystem by establishing regenerative projects with communities and experts ー projects that deliver community-wide social, environmental and economic benefits. From organic waste processing facilities and renewable energy cooperatives to regenerative agriculture and local food supplies, the opportunities are endless.

  3. Regeneration Challenge 2
    Building an investable portfolio in collaboration with investors and other financial institution supporters, using the Regeneration Ecosystem projects and ventures supported through the Innovate to Regeneration Challenges as a guide. WWF-Australia will provide seed funding and invite investors and donors to help support the most promising solutions. 

The Innovate to Regenerate Challenges

WWF will leverage our purpose-built Impactio Platform to run two Challenges, or calls for projects and start-ups. The first Challenge started in October 2020 and concluded in March 2021. The second will start in late 2021. Get involved by visiting or contact WWF-Australia’s Panda Labs.


Challenge 1: Bushfire Restoration and Resilience (October 2020 to March 2021)
The first Challenge funded 9 solutions for species and landscape-based climate adaptation, restoration, and resilience, through a $1.3 million grant program.

The aim was to deploy up to $20,000 for validating early concepts and up to $250,000 for solutions ready to be piloted or scaled-up.

The 9 projects funded in Challenge 1 featured scalable solutions that enabled and incentivised communities to own and drive regeneration outcomes in these areas:


• Fire risk management;
• Regenerative use of landscapes;
• Species recovery; and
• Building ecological, economic and social resilience in the face of climate change.

Find out more about the 9 exciting projects.


Challenge 2: Communities (EOI open late 2021)
The second Impactio Challenge will focus on community-led solutions to future-proof Australia and drive the shift to a regenerative economy, such as:


• Indigenous knowledge
• Zero emissions transport
• Energy resilience
• Regenerative Agriculture & Food
• Carbon sequestration
• Circular economy & Waste

Launch of Impactio

© WWF-Aus / Kerri Major

What is Impactio?

Impactio brings together project leaders, subject-matter experts and funders to collaborate, support, and implement high-impact projects. It offers a new approach to project incubation, selection, and funding.


It enables effective conversations between subject matter experts and project leaders, while leveraging the latest technologies to increase trust through transparency.

Regrowth after bushfires © WWF-Australia/Veronica Joseph

© WWF-Australia/Veronica Joseph

WWF-Australia and Innovation

WWF’s award-winning innovation program, Panda Labs, which started in Australia, now has seven Panda Labs offices around the world, and more than thirty innovation partners.

Through Panda Labs, we focus on accelerating and amplifying emerging technologies and new business models that will have a positive social and environmental impact. We do this by forming powerful innovation partnerships and driving human-centred solutions.
Cover of Finding Business Value in a Regenerative Economy

Australia’s regenerative economy opportunities

Jointly commissioned by the NSW Government - Department of Planning, Industry, and Environment, and WWF Panda Labs, this new research by EY acknowledges that while life after COVID-19 will be altered, the big question remains: Will it change the way we think, invest and do business?

It identifies growing market opportunities in the regenerative economy, including the benefits for future-focused businesses and start-ups keen to capitalise on new markets.

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