Renewables nation

Renewables Nation - our plan to make Australia a Renewable Energy Exports Superpower

WWF-Australia believes Australia should be a renewable energy superpower and we’re calling on everyone to help us become one.

Renewables nation

Renewables Nation - our plan to make Australia a Renewable Energy Exports Superpower

Renewable Energy Scorecard Nov 2021


As the world shifts to a low carbon future, Australia has everything we need to take the lead and become a renewable energy export superpower. We've got endless sunshine, plenty of space, powerful winds, world-class expertise and strong trade relationships: it's a winning combination.


By acting now, we can make sure Australia will thrive in the global clean economy for generations to come.


Australia can power our whole nation with clean and affordable renewable energy, plus have plenty left over to sell to our neighbours.

As a renewable energy export powerhouse, Australia wouldn’t have to choose between a healthy environment or a booming economy. We could grow our economy, create tens of thousands of new clean energy jobs and lower our domestic carbon pollution.

And when it comes to innovation, we know what we're doing. Australians invented Wifi and EFTPOS, technology that is now used all over the world. The modern solar cell was invented by an Aussie, and today, Australia has one of the highest rates of household solar in the world, with one in four households having solar on their roofs. Aussie companies - big and small - are leading the way in clean energy solutions, like grids, batteries, and electric vehicles.

WWF-Australia is calling on our leaders to make Australia the world’s leading exporter of renewable energy by 2030.



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The global race to renewables

The COP26 is Australia’s chance to step up and invest in a renewable export future.


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Superpower Superpower scorecard - Nov 2021

How is your state or territory tracking in our latest report?


Solar panels

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For Government

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Superpower Survey

The experts weigh in on Australia's renewable energy export opportunity.


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Renewable Recovery

Securing Australia’s future as we emerge from COVID.


six types of renewable exports

What are renewable exports?

A massive expansion of Australia’s renewable industry can power a new generation of exports we sell to the world.

Export products include renewable hydrogen-based fuels and direct solar power via undersea cables, and renewable-powered commodities such as green steel and aluminium. We can export our expertise in engineering, business, legal and finance; and new hardware and software solutions for demand management, microgrids and the grid integration of renewables.

There are huge opportunities to export education, training and the potential to create vast new onshore manufacturing industries and tens of thousands of jobs.

How can you have 700% renewables?

We can calculate it as follows:

  • 100% is what we’ll have when all Australian electricity is from renewable sources
  • We get to 200% when we convert our transport, industry and buildings to renewable electricity too. Think of electric trucks and houses heated by solar instead of gas.
  • We get the last 200-700% through doing new things like: making clean renewable hydrogen - a fuel we can sell to the world.
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WWF is calling on governments to...

  • Fund a Clean Recovery: match world leaders by committing at least 1% GDP to a clean recovery in the budget.
  • Develop Bold Renewable Export Plans: that put us on a path to 700% renewable energy capacity.
  • Create Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts: that enable industries to be powered by renewables and clean heat.
  • Deliver a Fair Transition: ensuring First Nations, low-income households, workers and regional communities all benefit from the renewables race.

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Join over 200 companies and organisations that are championing the call for Australia to become a renewable energy superpower.


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