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Defending the Unburnt Six

Our unburnt Australian forests need your help. Sign the petition now.

Defending the Unburnt Six. This image is a composite © WWF-Australia

Pockets within six priority landscapes that need immediate legal protection

WWF-Australia and Environmental Defenders Office (EDO) are on a mission to defend the remaining pockets of unburnt forests in six landscapes across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria that urgently need protection now.


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These areas are life rafts for many threatened Australian wildlife species, yet are vulnerable to deforestation and native forest logging.


We’ve already lost so much during the catastrophic bushfires of 2019-20. Defending the remaining pockets of unburnt forest has never been more important. Without your help, we risk losing our remaining forests and most vulnerable wildlife.


Become a Defender of the Unburnt today. Every defender counts.

WWF-Australia’s senior scientist, Dr Martin Taylor has mapped a spatial prioritisation that identified these six priority areas for protection.

To read more of Dr Taylor’s report, click here (PDF 4.1MB).


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Our unburnt forests need you now


"Being a RFS volunteer I saw firsthand the destruction of our native forests and wildlife with the recent horrendous fire season. To not protect the little that was not affected by these fires is in my view criminal and insane."
Ross Howard · 15-04-21 17:46

Help us make a bigger impact!


Take a photo, create an artwork or film a short video explaining why you’re raising your voice for our unburnt forests.

Dr Stuart Blanch  © WWF-Aus / Adam Krowitz

Dr Stuart Blanch © WWF-Aus / Adam Krowitz

Defending the Unburnt Six with Environmental Defenders Office

WWF-Australia has partnered with EDO to activate laws that will defend our wildlife, people and places.

Together, we are advocating for stronger environmental laws and helping the community use existing laws to implement greater protection for threatened species and their last remaining refuges.

Rather than focussing on litigation, this landmark initiative will push for greater legal protection by advocating for stronger laws, policies and processes that properly take into account the impact of the 2019-20 bushfires.

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Life rafts for vulnerable wildlife

The unburnt pockets of forests within the six priority landscapes are life rafts for a treasure trove of threatened plants, animals and ecological communities.

They represent the remaining essential places of refuge for threatened native species including koalas, greater gliders, lyrebirds, platypuses and flying foxes.

Sadly, these areas are still vulnerable to deforestation and logging.

Discover the Unburnt Six

Read the stories from the field

Kookaburra after a bushfire, Wallabi Point, NSW © Adam Stevenson

Kookaburra after a bushfire, Wallabi Point, NSW © Adam Stevenson

A country in mourning

The absolute devastation the catastrophic Australian bushfires of 2019-20 had on our nation is unforgettable.

33 lives were lost, 3,094 homes destroyed, up to 12.6 million hectares of bushland burnt and nearly 3 billion native animals were impacted.

Defending remaining pockets of unburnt landscapes has never been more important, for both people and nature.
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A Regenerate Australia Project


Defending the Unburnt Six is part of WWF-Australia’s Towards Two Billion Trees initiative to grow and save two billion trees by 2030.

It’s part of our vision to Regenerate Australia - the largest and most innovative wildlife and landscape regeneration program in Australia’s history.




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