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Monica Richter profile photo. Photo courtesy of Monica Richter.

Monica Richter

Senior Manager, Low Carbon Futures

I grew up in Brisbane and studied economics at Queensland Uni. I had the privilege to work in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for nearly 10 years and travelled the world. When I started studying a Masters’ degree in Social Ecology I realised that my interest lay in the role of ‘business being a better corporate citizen’.

Since then, I’ve worked in numerous environment NGOs and have felt lucky to be able to work where my values are aligned with the organisations’ values. I’ve specialised in corporate engagement roles and now my position at WWF allows me to drive positive change in corporate behaviour around climate and energy. I’m really excited to help accelerate the uptake of new technologies towards a zero carbon future.

While we face many ecological and social challenges this is also a very exciting time to be alive – we’re the first generation to be able to look into history’s past to learn from our mistakes and see into the future of what we’re creating. I try and inspire my daughter to become an engaged citizen and a critical thinker, a necessary skill for the future.

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