Reef crest dominated by robust branching corals and coralline algae, Great Barrief Reef © WWF / James Morgan

Yves Calmette profile photo. Photo courtesy of Yves Calmette

Yves Calmette

Chief Marketing Officer

Born and raised in France, I studied, lived and worked in several countries in Europe and in the Middle East before falling in love with one of the most beautiful countries in the world  Australia. Its 40,000-year history, welcoming people, diverse cultures, gorgeous beaches (and yes, its delicious pavlova) made me decide to call Australia home while committing to humbly do my part to protect its unique beauty. 

When I was a kid, I could not go to bed without my WWF panda pillow, and dreamt of saving panda bears and the planet. I did not know I would be lucky enough to see my dreams come true. 

Building on 20 years in marketing in international creative agencies, I joined WWF-Australia to help mobilize and unite millions of supporters to become a powerful voice for the planet, the places and the species we all love.  

During my free time, I’m also a nutrition coach and passionate about sustainable food – another focus of WWF.

Humanity’s ability to be a voice for nature provides our biggest opportunity for conservation. I want to help unite us all to become a powerful voice for the planet and the unique Australian species and places we love.

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