Coral reef around Mast Head Island, Queensland © WWF / James Morgan

Dermot O'Gorman profile photo © WWF-Aus / Fiora Sacco

Dermot O'Gorman

Chief Executive Officer

I grew up on the beautiful NSW south coast, immersed in nature, which sparked my lifelong journey as a conservationist. I started my working career with the NSW Parks & Wildlife Service and, after studying in London, joined WWF in the UK in 1998. I have been with WWF ever since!

During nearly two decades with WWF I’ve been very fortunate to work in conservation all over the world, including as CEO of WWF-China, CEO of WWF-Pacific and, since 2010, back home as CEO of WWF-Australia. This has given me a wealth of experience working with vastly different stakeholders and exposure to a range of local, regional and global conservation issues.

I’m passionate about the big picture of conservation; how to provide sustainable food and energy for seven billion people while maintaining space for nature, and using collaboration and partnerships to protect our natural world today for tomorrow’s generations. Delivering solutions at scale means engaging with community groups, governments, businesses and international organisations to work together towards the common goal of a healthier planet for all.

I see that digital technologies and innovations will radically change the approach of conservation over this decade, whether it be developments such as the use of thermal imaging technology to locate and monitor species in vast habitats, or empowering millions of global citizens to be a voice for nature.

Staying connected to my local environment is important to me so I just love ocean swimming, gardening and bushwalking with my family and friends.

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